After decades of hard work dedicated to the care and selection of our best grapes is reflected for the first time in our UNOPORUNO wines, produced in “Finca La Serna” and “Finca La Moheda”, located in the vertex of Cuenca, Albacete y Ciudad Real provinces which is one of the richest wine production areas in Spain.

Our winegrowing tradition started with our grandparents who bought a couple hectares of Airen vineyards seven decades ago. We have followed what they started with care, love and passion increasing the number of hectares by planting other varieties such as Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo. We have passed from selling our grapes to private wineries to bottling and marketing our own production since 2018. Our ancestors would be very proud of us if they saw that all their efforts have been gathered in our UNOPORUNO wines.

Nowadays our company is making a great effort trying to introduce our UNOPORUNO wines in new markets, reaching the highest quality standards by controlling carefully all the production process, from the vine to the bottle, focusing on providing value added to our customers. Buying UNOPORUNO wines means buying TRADITION and PASSION.

Verdejo / Sauvignon Blanc

In 2005, we brought in some Rueda plants and planted our 10 hectares of Verdejo in our sandiest soils, with the aim of mixing with the 5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc that we already had. Despite the fact that our region is known for the Airén variety, we always believed that these two varieties would adapt perfectly to our production area and would make a perfect blend. The blend is made with grapes that are fermented to obtain the purest aromas and a full body. Our UNOPORUNO Verdejo / Sauvignon Blanc is a typical Verdejo, with a pale greenish yellow color in the glass and notes of peach..


Macabeo / Chardonay

From our Macabeo and Chardonnay varieties grown in Finca La Serna. UNOPORUNO Macabeo/Chardonnay shows and intense yellow colour with beautiful green tones. Aromas of mango and apple are amazingly combined as a preamble of a long, balanced, fresh and fruity wine in the mouth.



Purple red colored wine with intense bright violet tones. Primary fruity aromas ofTempranillo (Cencibel) and good evolution in bottle. Well balanced, complex andharmonious in mouth.

Tempranillo Roble

Elaborated with our best Tempranillo grapes. Its powerful structure and exotic aromas t matched with fine wood make this wine a perfect example of elegance and freshness. Sherry red colour with garnet tones, deep, bright and clean. In the nose shows the perfect combination of wild berries and its time in barrel. It´s complex, perfectly balanced warm and intense wine


Our UNOPORUNO (15 hectares of Syrah) were planted in 2004 at Finca La Moheda. The harvest takes place between 10 at night and 6 in the morning. The grapes arrive at the winery at a low temperature to maintain the aromatic flavor of this variety. During all these years, we have been waiting for the vines to be mature enough to obtain the quality we expect. The time has come and we are pleased to show you all this 2018 vintage Syrah.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon UNOPORUNO was planted in 2000. Although the adaptation of this variety to our soil and climate has been difficult from the beginning, by letting the grapes ripen as long as possible, we have managed to obtain a typical cabernet sauvignon, rich in flavors. and high tannin content..


Tempranillo - Syrah

Red wine made with 30% Syrah and 70% Tempranillo grapes. Intense cherry red colour, clean and bright. On the nose it shows very lively and expressive fruit. The palate is rounded, tasty, and powerful with great aftertaste. Serve at 12 – 16 ºC. Perfect pairing with stews and roast beef. Also grilled red meat flavored with herbs and spices, casseroles with meat, bacon and blood sausage.

SELECCIÓN 12 meses en barrica

Deep ruby red in color with vivid tones, clear and bright. Spicy aromas and memories of cask, rich in fruity sensations, those of fruits of the forest. Oily in mouth, persistent.


Old Vines is the result of a careful selection of grapes in our centuries-old vineyards of the Tempranillo variety. As a result of this care with which we treat the grapes, we make a different, peculiar wine with well-marked characteristics.  Thanks to the effort of our farmers to keep these vineyards alive, to be able to create this magnificent AUTHOR WINE and in honor of themselves since thanks to their perseverance and work we can ensure that quality is our main virtue every day.


100% Tempranillo. Pink foam on a rasperry background. Fresh fruit with hints of cherry, rose petals and red berries. It is very expressive. You feel the sparkling bubbles that balance the sweetness of the grape’s own wine flavored with candied fruits, fats and minerals. It is fruity after taste. It is perfect companion for tapas, rice, fish, shellfish, white meats, fruits, pastries and sushi.


New gold yellow color. Persistent detachment of fine bubbles forming rosaries and a crown. Citrus and aging notes stand out, honey. It is fresh and balanced. With an intense and elegant aftertaste.