Sweet wines

Winery located in Montilla, elaborating Wines since 1927. By the end of 90´s we started working with indigenous yeasts. At first sight, the vineyards have the feeling of a wild and romantic garden invaded by a cape of clovers, poppies, wild flowers,  and the buzz of the bees. However there is nothing accidental at the vineyards: It´s the result of years of research in continuous collaboration with the University and research centres around the country and abroad.


Sweet Young organic wine. Coupage of Pedro Ximenez and Verdejo grapes with a tiny touch of carbonic: It´s a refreshing funny wine with a distinctive aroma of honey reminding the smell of vineyards in spring.

Pedro Ximénez

From raisings of Pedro Ximenez grapes. 10% Solera 1927 and 90% Solera 2010. The grapes area hand-picked in mid August and sun-exposed during 4 to 10 days in our own grape dehydraters. We controlled manually that the drying process is regular and homogeneous.



Beautiful cream from the careful blend of our Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez which age together in American oak barrels. Bright and clean dark mahogany colour with attractive aromas to coffee, dry raising, old oak and nuts.


Pale Cream

Demi-sweet wine Pale Cream with the freshness of a Fino and the sweetness of a Cream. Bright golden yellow colour. Sweet and smooth taste with aromas of matured and stewed fruit.